25 Feb 2016

Fully programmable audio DSP digital effects modules unveiled

Cliff Electronics has announced the availability of its new range of Digital Signal Processing Audio Effect modules.

Four models are currently available, all of which are fully user programmable. For user convenience they also feature a range of built-in presets which can be modified if required. The entry point is the FM68030 Dual Sound Controller, and its Professional version the FM68031, with the FM68032 Professional 2 input, 4 output sound controller and the FM68033 Professional Quad channel sound controller completing the range.

All models of Cliff’s DSP Digital Effects Modules are cost effective and simple to incorporate into audio system designs. Key features include a wide range of digital reverb, echo and delay special effects, including: chorus, flanging, pitch shifting, spring reverb and emulation.

The DSP Digital Effects Modules are designed for use in musical instrument amplification and mixing consoles, these high quality products consist of PCB assemblies incorporating surface mounted components including custom designed CMOS LSI digital processors.

A number of programming methods are available as standard to simplify operation. These include programming from a PC utilising the supplied RC1 software which allows all characteristics to be fully programmable in real time and shown on screen and also via an Alpha-Numerical display using rotary encoders, momentary push button switches or potentiometers. Programming and control software is included with each purchase and a demonstration of the software is available prior to purchase for evaluation of the range of controls functions.

Where required in the end application function and parameter indication may be shown on LED Dot-Matrix displays, 7 Segment LED Displays or 2x16 - 4x4Character LCD displays.

Typical applications Include; guitar, keyboard and entertainer amplifiers and combos, audio and powered mixing consoles, effects pedals, Karaoke systems and mono to stereo converters for surround effect enhancing.

John Hall, General Manager of Cliff Electronics, comments; “Our range of Digital Signal Processing Audio Effect modules increases our product offering to the audio industry where we are already recognised as an innovative and highly reliable component source. We have been supplying components to the music and pro-audio markets since 1964 and are always looking for new opportunities to grow our business in this global market.”

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