02 Sep 2016

Direct-to-TV solution for 4K UHD viewing

NAGRA has announced the launch of the TVkey USB device, the direct-to-TV security solution for pay-TV operators that allows consumers to sign up for pay-TV services directly on selected new Samsung TVs, while meeting all key MovieLabs requirements for Enhanced Content Protection.

With TVkey consumers will be able to enjoy premium content in 4K UHD quality directly on new TV sets through a simple sign-up process and with a single remote control unit. The TVkey approach offers a fast, secure and low entry barrier route to market for pay-TV operators launching 4K services directly to new consumer TV sets.

The cost optimized form factor of TVkey USB devices will enable innovative and low-touch consumer logistics including bundling the device with the TV set. Such an approach can radically simplify the customer acquisition process with pay-TV services working straight out of the box. Through a simple sign-up process, either via a TV app, a web portal or a call center, consumers can easily sign up for a pay-TV service package. Operators can also use free preview periods in order to entice consumers into becoming loyal customers. And because no additional set-top box or installation is required, the customer acquisition costs and CAPEX can be dramatically lowered.

The TVkey framework is based on a NAGRA-designed root of trust in TV chips that communicates securely with the TVkey device. This creates a Secure Media Path and enables strict enforcement of usage rules as required by Hollywood for the protection of high-value content. TVkey also provides a platform for hardware-based watermarking and operator-controlled device service revocation.

In 2017, NAGRA and Samsung plan to establish an independent TVkey Trust Authority to license the TVkey technology to other TV manufacturers and security vendors to enable widespread deployment of the solution.

"The TVkey low CAPEX approach will enable a range of new business models that drive service take-up while significantly diminishing subscriber acquisition costs,” said Maurice van Riek, NAGRA SVP Content and Asset Security. “We achieve this goal by using the world’s most trusted content protection solutions alongside open standards like USB2, HBBTV, HTML5 to ensure effective security and offer the possibility for a feature-rich, operator-branded user experience.”

The first TVkey market deployment will take place in the final quarter of 2016, and multiple pay-TV operators across two continents will launch their TVkey-based services in 2017.

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