21 Oct 2014

Dual-band RFID antennas enable international operation

There is a variety of different frequency bands available around the globe for RFID applications. Not all bands are available in all countries and therefore it is often useful to be able to have a dual band capability. One key element of this is to have a dual band antenna.

To meet this need, HUBER+SUHNER has launched a range of dual-band UHF RFID antennas designed specifically for integration into package and goods identification systems. The new Sencity SPOT-L antennas support both European ETSI UHF (865 – 868MHz) and USA/Canadian FCC UHF (902 – 928MHz) RFID bands which allows RFID system designers to develop solutions for a global roll-out.

The new antennas feature a matching tag reading range which, combined with a very low profile (11.5 – 15mm), make them suited for use as a conveyor portal antenna or as an under-belt antenna in RFID system applications including warehousing, industrial automation, distribution, retailing and logistics.

There are two flat panel, Sencity SPOT-L portal antennas in the range which can be placed on the conveyor sides or as a gate. Model 1309.19.0002 measures 773 x 312 x 15mm while 1309.19.0003 measures 480 x 312 x 15mm. The under-belt flat panel antenna, Model 1309.17.0110, measures 1020 x 380 x 11.5mm and can be mounted directly under moving belts.

All three models are left hand circular polarized, DC grounded and come with a cable pigtail. Other key features of interest to system designers include an operating temperature range of -30⁰C to +50⁰C, ingress protection to IP54 and shock and vibration resistance to IEC 60721-3-4.

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