25 Oct 2013

Combined EMC antenna and pre-amplifier enhance measurements

Claimed to be a "significant improvement" in antenna measurement integrity, ETS-Lindgren has made its Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn and BiConiLog antennae are now available together with matched pre-amplifiers.

The 3116C-PA and 3117-PA, the antenna and pre-amplifier combination are calibrated as a single unit. This allows for mismatches between the antenna and the pre-amplifier to be taken into account in the antenna factor which is provided with each unit. In this way, says the company, the antenna factor that includes all the mismatch losses between the antenna and amp.

Each antenna include single lobe radiation, what is described as extremely low antenna factor, and flexible mounting. Model 3116C-PA is a receive antenna for emissions testing from 18 to 40GHz and 3117-PA is used as a receive antenna for emissions testing from 1- to 18GHz.

The hybrid BiConiLog antenna, Model 3142E-PA, is compact and designed for emissions testing. It enables users to measure a frequency range of 30MHz to 6GHz in one sweep, eliminating the need for multiple antennae and time-consuming equipment set up. The antenna and pre-amplifier module are calibrated together, including the cable section that connects the module to the antenna port.

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