Bluetooth 3 / 3.0

- the Bluetooth standard was upgraded to Bluetooth 3.0 to use an alternative MAC/PHY to enable the transfer of high speed data..

The Bluetooth 1 and 2 versions had been very successful, and Bluetooth had gained a unique foothold in the market providing short range communications.

To ensure that it retained its position and provided the capabilities required by the industry and consumers, Bluetooth 3.0 was introduced.

Bluetooth 3 provided significant increases in the speed capability along with other key enhancements.

Bluetooth 3 basics

The main feature behind Bluetooth 3.0 is that it provides data transfer speeds of up to 24 Mbps. This is a considerable increase on that provided by the previous generation of Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth 3 enables these much higher speeds by utilising a collocated IEEE 802.11 link - the Bluetooth link being used for the negotiation and establishment of the 802.11 link.

The feature enabling the high speed data transfer is referred to a AMP - this stands for Alternative MAC/PHY.

By Ian Poole

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