Elliptic Cauer Filter Formula, Equations, & Calculations

- the basic calculations formulae and equations for the Cauer / Elliptic filter

The calculations for the elliptic filter of Cauer filter are a little more complicated than those for many other forms of filter.

There are a number of Cauer / elliptic filter calculations and equations.

Elliptic filter gain equation

The equation for the gain of a low-pass elliptic or Cauer filter as a function of angular frequency ω is given by:

Elliptic Cauer filter equation

    Rn is the nth-order elliptic rational function
    ω is the frequency of the response in radians
    ωo is the cut-off frequency in radians
    ε is the ripple factor
    ξ is the selectivity factor

By Ian Poole

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