Proton Constants

- table or chart of electron constants including symbol, value and units for values such as proton mass, proton specific charge, proton molar mass, proton magnetic moment etc..

Proton constants are used in many areas of science and electronics for a variety of calculations.

The proton constants that come under the universal constants heading include items such as the proton mass, proton specific charge, proton molar mass, proton magnetic moment etc..

Details for these electron constants and more are given below. The constant name, symbol, value, units and the relative uncertainty are provided.

Constant name Symbol of constant Value Units Relative Uncertainty
Proton mass
1.672 623 1
10^-27 kg
Proton mass in electron volts
938.272 31
Proton-electron mass ratio
1836.152 701
Proton specific charge
9.578 830 9
10^7 C kg^-1
Proton molar mass
1.007 276 470
10^-3 kg/mol
Proton Crompton wavelength
1.321 410 02
10^-15 m
Proton magnetic moment
1.410 607 61
10^-26 J T^-1

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