Physico-Chemical Constants & Parameters

- table or chart of physicochemical / physic-chemical constants, parameters & properties including symbol, value and units for values including Avagadro constant, Faraday constant, Boltzmann constant, standard atmosphere and many more..

Physico-chemical constants parameters and properties are used in many areas of science and electronics for a variety of calculations.

The physicochemical parameters & properties that come under the universal constants heading include items such as the Avagadro constant, Faraday constant, Boltzmann constant, standard atmosphere and many more.

Details for these physico-chemical parameters and more are given below. The constant name, symbol, value, units and the relative uncertainty are provided.

Constant name Symbol of constant Value Units Relative Uncertainty
Avagadro constant
Na, L
6.022 136 7
10^23 mol^-1
Atomic mass constant
1.660 540 2
Atomic mass constant in electron volts
931 494 32
Faraday constant
96.485 309
C mol^-1
Molar Planck constant
3.990 313 23
10^-10 J s mol^-1
Molar gas constant
8.314 510
J mol^-1 K^-1
Boltzmann consant
1.380 658
10^-23 J K^-1

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