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Electromagnetic Constants

- table or chart of electromagnetic constants including symbol, value and units for values such as elementary charge, magnetic flux quantum, Josephson frequency voltage quotient, etc.

Electromagnetic constants are used in many areas of science and electronics for a variety of calculations.

The electromagnetic constants that come under the universal constants heading include items such as the elementary charge, magnetic flux quantum, Josephson frequency voltage quotient, etc.

Details for these electromagnetic constants and more are given below. The constant name, symbol, value, units and the relative uncertainty are provided.

Constant name Symbol of constant Value Units Relative Uncertainty
Elementary charge
1.602 177 33
10^-19 C
Elementary charge
2.417 988 36
10^14 A J^-1
Magnetic flux quantum
2.067 834 61
10^-15 Wb
Josephson frequency-voltage quotient
4.835 9767
10^14 Hz V^-1
Quantised Hall conductance
3.784 046 14
Quantised Hall resistance
25.812 8056
Bohr magneton
9.274 0154
10^-24 J T^-1
Nuclear magneton
5.050 7866
10^-27 J T^-1

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