Semiconductor Diode Component Circuit Symbols

- circuit symbols or circuit diagram symbols for semiconductor diodes ranging from signal diodes through bridge rectifiers to varactors, zeners,etc.

There are many different circuit symbols for semiconductor diodes as there are many different forms of semiconductor diode.

This page provides circuit symbols for semiconductor diodes including the basic diode, varactor, zener or voltage reference, bridge rectifier and many more.

The circuit symbols are based on those that appear to be most widely used.

Semiconductor diode circuit diagram symbols

The selection of semiconductor circuit diagram symbols:

The schematic symbol for a basic diode showing the symbol consisting of a bar and a triangle together.
Basic diode

Diode schematic symbol showing the cathode and anode electrodes marked
Basic diode
(showing electrodes)

Zener diode schematic symbol showing how the Zener is differentiated by the modification to the bar of the symbol.
Zener / voltage reference diode

Varactor diode schematic symbol with the double bar within the symbol to indicate the capacitance element of the diode.
Varactor / varicap diode

Schottky diode schematic symbol with the modification to the bar on the diode to indicate it is a Schottky version.
Schottky diode

Schematic symbol for a tunnel diode with the additional eleemnts to the bar of the symbol showing it as different to other diodes.
Tunnel diode

Schematic symbol for the photodiode with the two inward pointing arrows indicating the incident light

LED schematic symbol showing the basic diode symbol with the addition of two outward point arrows to indicate light is generated.
Light emitting diode, LED

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