Functional Blocks Circuit Symbols

- circuit symbols or circuit diagram symbols for circuit blocks including filters, amplifiers, mixers, etc.

Sometimes circuit symbols are needed for functional blocks within circuits.

These functional blocks may include elements such as filters, attenuators, mixers and other similar items.

The functional block circuit symbols are typically used when pre-manufactured items are bought and included within a circuit. Typically the circuit for the block would not be available, and as the item may be a sealed element, its circuit would not be required.

Analogue functional block circuit symbols

These analogue functional block circuit symbols have been defined in a number of specifications or standards including BS 3939. The circuit symbols used here are those that are typically or most commonly used:

The circuit symbol for a fixed attenuator used in reducing the level, typically of RF signals
Fixed attenuator pad

The circuit symbol for a variable attenuator where the level of atenuation can be changed accordong to the requirements
Variable attenuator pad

Circuit symbol or component symbol for an amplifier showing the triangle shape used.
Amplifying element / amplifier

The schemtic symbol or component symbol used for a mixer or mutliplier used in RF circuits
Mixer (multiplier / frequency changer)

An alternative multiplier or mixer circuit component symbol
Mixer (alternative mixer circuit symbol)

The general circuit component symbol for a filter
Filter (general filter circuit symbol)

The schemtic symbol for a high pass filter showing the two lower ac signals with a line through and the higher one being accepted
High pass filter

The component symbold for a low pass filter showing the three waveforms with the higehr two with a line indicating their rejection and the passing of th elower frequency one.
Low pass filter

Component schemtic symbol for a bandpass filter with the three waveforms above one another and the top and bottom with a line through indicating only the middle is passed
Band pass filter

Band reject filter circuit symbol
Band reject filter

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