21 March 2016 Faisal Ahmad Dialog Semiconductor

Six ways mobiles are getting better battery life

Battery life is a key issue with mobile devices and especially for smartphones. Managing the battery usage and reducing current drain are ways of improving the life – find out how

dialog semiconductor smartphone layout battery life
14 March 2016 George Acris Microlease

Test equipment rental: strategic approach to capex & opex

When it comes to budgets, test equipment rental can provide an excellent method for obtaining the required items, especially when a host of flexible solutions are available.

Test equipment purchase & rental options
07 March 2016 Tuukka Ahoniemi The Qt Company

Importance of a unified design

With developers from different companies creating applications and software for devices, a unified approach is necessary to ensure a consistent user experience.

The importance of unified design in software is also seen in automotive products
28 February 2016 Françoise Chombar Melexis

Y Chromosome Not Compulsory for Engineering

Traditionally engineering has been dominated by men: now this could be set to change as initiatives to attract more women are starting.

Y Chromosome Not Compulsory for Engineering
21 February 2016 Geoff Carey MIMOtech

Full duplex radio: key to backhaul

As backhaul seeks to increase capacity with the expected data explosion that is happening, full duplex seems to offer a useful increase in capacity.

Full duplex technology for cellular backhaul
15 February 2016 Ngwa Shusina Cobham Wireless

LTE-A evolves towards 5G

With plenty of talk about what 5G will be, LTE-Advanced, LTE-A developments are enabling cellular technology to evolve towards 5G with the new 3GPP releases.

08 February 2016 Mark Pitchford Lynx Software Technologies

Safety critical embedded systems & software

The consequences of a malfunction in the operation of embedded systems can have drastic consequences especially when used in safety critical applications - it is essential that they operate correctly at all times.

01 February 2016 Robin Wesson Ampleon

Semiconductor microwave ovens improve cooking

Microwave ovens have used magnetrons that date back to the Second World War - now semiconductor technology promises a brighter future for cooking.

25 January 2016 Ian Poole Radio-Electronics.com

Effects of current global slowdown on electronics industry

Editor, Ian Poole takes a look at the recent figures from China, oil prices and the economic slowdown on the electronics industry.

Effect of the 2016 economic downturn on the electronics industry
18 January 2016 Mark de Clercq Dialog Semiconductor

Communication is key for wireless charging

Wireless charging is fast becoming a major technology, but for it to work properly, communication between the charger and the device is essential

Communication is key for wireless charging
11 January 2016 Fred Dart FTDI

Semiconductor industry in 2016

Fred Dart, CEO, FTDI looks at the semiconductor industry for 2016 and finds it will be challenging, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

Global semiconductor industry in 2016 will be challenging
05 January 2016 Ian Poole Radio-Electronics.com

New methods of buying test equipment

Traditionally test equipment has been bought from the manufacturer but there are other channels, particularly as distributors up their game and increasingly take on the supply of test instrumentation.

There is a wide variety of test equipment that can be bought.
29 December 2015 Ian Poole Radio-Electronics.com

Electronics Industry in 2016

Editor Ian Poole looks at the way the electronics industry will develop in 2016 - some of the underlying industry currents that may surface.

2016 electronics industry predictions
21 December 2015 Mark Pitchford Lynx Software Technologies

Separation is central to IoT network security

Security is one of the major concerns for the Internet of Things – with the number of connected devices reaching figures of many billion, this is a great opportunity for attackers.

An architecture for an IoT that is secure by design, using best available technologies
15 December 2015 Nicola Logli Cobham Wireless

Small cells highlight need for realistic network validation

Nicola Logli, Senior Product Manager for TM500 network tester family Cobham Wireless, looks at why proper test validation is essential for any cellular network.

Small cells

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