24 October 2016 Juha Laukkanen Anite

Optimising Voice over LTE, VoLTE in Public Safety Systems

Current public safety networks, such as TETRA, are lacking the high data speeds required by new public safety services. The new public safety networks are based on LTE - a mainstream technology that enables high data speeds and also Voice over LTE (VoLTE) services.

Testing LTE / VoLTE for public safety systems
17 October 2016 Martin Hägerdal Ericsson

Data Centre Power Supply Hardware & Software Trends

Data centres are becoming increasingly important as the amount of data being stored and accessed rises exponentially - but one forgotten element is the data centre power supplies.

data centres
10 October 2016 Mark Patrick Mouser Electronics

Why virtual reality stands on the cusp of its breakthrough

From his position in distribution, seeing where the market trends are leading, Mark Patrick of Mouser looks at the way in which virtual reality is moving forwards in the electronics industry.

virtual reality
03 October 2016 Hafeez Najumudeen & Gabriele Fulco Omron Electronic Components Europe

Electronic equipment cost is more than Bill of Materials cost

When considering the overall cost of manufacture, it is essential to look at more than just the Bill of Materials cost - assembly time is also a major element.

cost of assembly must be considered as well as cost of bill of materials
26 September 2016 Rob Hoeben Ampleon

Solid state microwave ovens; unlocking new opportunities for food

Microwave ovens are synonymous with magnetrons, but now their days are numbered as solid state technology at last takes a foothold.

Solid state microwave ovens
19 September 2016 Rahman Jamal National Instruments

Smarter Technology Requires Smarter Test Systems

Rahman Jamal looks at Living in a Smarter World: Smarter Test Systems on the Verge of Conquering the Market

seat technology smart test systems ecosystems
12 September 2016 Manish Deo Intel Programmable Solutions Group

Next Generation Memory Technology Needed for Developing Systems

As electronic systems are advancing and functionality and sophistication increasing, there is a growing need for revolutionary next generation memory technologies, especially for applications requiring Big Data.

New memory technology for new systems
05 September 2016 Jonathan Borrill Anritsu EMEA Ltd

5G & IoT Specific Technologies to Handle High Device Numbers

Jonathan Borrill of Anritsu looks at why LTE can’t handle the high number of devices for IoT, and why 5G and IoT specific new technologies can

5G and the Internet of Things IoT
29 August 2016 Mychal McCabe Wind River

Software-Defined Technology Wave

Software has enabled far higher levels of functionality to be achieved in many areas. One area that is becoming more common is software defined technology: software defined radios, software defined networks. Find out more about software defined technology.

Software defined technology
15 August 2016 Phil Ebbert Riedon

Thermal EMF Effect in Resistors

Resistors and in this case, precision resistors may be seen as simple straightforward devices, but their design and use is not always as straightforward as it may seem. Who knows about the Seebeck effect?

Placeholder image
01 August 2016 Viru Patel Tiny Green PC

Embedded PC Power Consumption: it's the software

Power consumption is a key issue in most items of electronic equipment and gadgetry - it needs to be kept to a minimum. There are ways of achieving this including the use of software.

embedded processor power saving
18 July 2016 Ian Poole Radio Electronics

Analysis of Big Data is the key to success

Big data analysis is one of the most important issues facing this new area of data collection and its analysis is often an afterthought

Analysis of Big Data is the key to success
04 July 2016 Mark Patrick Mouser Electronics

Farming 4.0 Gets Ready to Feed 9 Billion

Farming may not seem to have much to do with the latest electronic Internet of Things technology, but this could not be further from the truth as Smart Agriculture takes off.

farming 4.0 gets ready to feed 9 billion
27 June 2016 Dr Johan Kraft Percepio

Embedded systems debugging - overcoming inadvertent obstacles

Debugging embedded systems running a Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is made simpler by the use of software tracing, which allows software events to be traced in order to monitor and better understand the code’s execution. This can be useful during debugging and optimisation.

De-bugging embedded systems
20 June 2016 Assaf Aloni Cellmining

NFV - ready SON - making virtualization seamless

Network operators are increasing having to use network functions virtualisation to provide the flexibility and cost effectiveness required for current day networks.

Network Functions Virtualisation, NFV

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