08 May 2017 Frank Förster Intel Programmable Solutions Group

IoT-driven data deluge: Why FPGAs will play a central role

Huge amounts of data are starting to be generated by the Internet of Things: dealing with this data deluge requires a new approach to computing and FPGAs will play a central role.

computer storage overview enterprise
24 April 2017 Mats Andersson u-blox

Bluetooth 5: Why it’s key to the IoT

Bluetooth 5 is the latest flavour of the popular wireless standard. It is anticipated that it will become even more widespread with is applicability to so many applications.

bluetooth 5 - why it is the key to the IoT
10 April 2017 Scott Soong Pervasive Displays

Machine maintenance made easy with e-paper displays

Do you wake up craving a caffeine hit to boost you through the morning? And do you rely on coffee to get you through the day?

e-paper service refill button
03 April 2017 Lance Williams ON Semiconductor

Automotive Safety Demands Vision

Advanced driver assistance schemes need to be able to correctly detect and accommodate LED lighting and signage to be able to respond correctly. Find out how this can be done.

automotive safety demands on vision
20 March 2017 Matthias Oettl Heilind

Investment in sensor technology is helping to ensure continued technological evolution

Sensor technology is key to the successful operation of many automated processes - sensor information enables the systems to detector what is happening and enable feedback to be provided.

Investment in sensor technology is helping to ensure continued technological evolution
06 March 2017 Saima Shafi LED Eco Lights

SMART lighting takes LED lighting to a new level

Smart technology can be integrated into LED lamps to improve their efficiency by enabling them to increase their light levels only the it is needed . . find out more.

Goodlight G5 LED Batten installed into a classroom
28 February 2017 Ian Poole Radio-Electronics.com

What is Happening at Mobile World Congress 2017

Editor Ian Poole looks at some of the underlying trends and developments that are being seen at Mobile World Congress 2017

Mobile World Congress 2017 MWC 17
20 February 2017 Yannick Chammings Witekio

Cross-platform frameworks - a step in the right direction towards coding utopia

The concept of cross platform frameworks is the obvious way forwards where software is required on several platforms - but the reality is not always as easy as the concept might indicate. Find out more . . .

06 February 2017 Ian Crosby zytronic Ltd

Z-axis sensing unlocks new touch potentials

Ian Crosby looks at some new innovative developments for transitioning touch screen technology from smaller devices used on smartphones up to much larger devices.

capture force sensing
23 January 2017 Yannick Chammings Witekio

Optimising high level operating systems for embedded applications

Yannick Chammings or Witekio looks at improving user experience of many software driven items: one key method applicable to many systems is to reduce the boot time.

Optimising high level operating systems for embedded applications
16 January 2017 Mauro Boldi Environmental Engineering Technical Committee, ETSI

Energy Efficiency of Paramount Importance to 5G Rollout

Whilst many will focus on the RF and data capabilities of the new 5G mobile communications system, energy efficiency is one of the primary design aims. Not only will operators be able to save on OPEX, but with cellular telecommunications continuing to grow, energy efficient 5G systems will enable green operation.

Energy Efficiency of Paramount Importance to 5G Rollout
12 December 2016 Heinz Mellein Rohde & Schwarz

RED - new radio equipment directive for Europe

The new radio equipment directive (RED) is effective from mid-June onward. The directive also covers radio receivers; they will have to meet minimum performance requirements in terms of sensitivity and selectivity.

RED new radio equipment directive for Europe
05 December 2016 Dr. Stamatis Georgoulis Cobham Wireless

Measuring up to the NB-IoT revolution

There is a rapidly growing demand for making connections to all kinds of devices as the Internet of Things (IoT) starts to become a reality. Well over 10 different standards are already being proposed for these low-power machine-type communications (MTC) applications.

Measuring up to the NB-IoT revolution
28 November 2016 AJ ElJallad ON Semiconductor

Welcome to the Brave New World of Wireless Power

From smart homes and white goods to consumer devices, medical products, vehicles and even smart cities, wireless power has the potential to unlock opportunities and improve flexibility for consumers and system designers alike.

The Brave New World of Wireless Power
21 November 2016 Andrew Pockson Anglia Components

When using LTE for IoT applications there is more than one standard to deal with.

There are several different LTE UE categories that will be used for machine to machine communications. Understanding the differences is a key to making the right decisions for your product.


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