Semiconductor Numbering Codes

The Pro-electron and JEDEC semiconductor - diode, transistor and FET - numbering or code systems.

RF Signal Carrier Modulation Types & Techniques

Various modulation types and the techniques that can be used for radio frequency, RF carriers used for radio communications applications.


Transistor Circuit Design Tutorial

Introduction or tutorial in the basics of designing transistor circuits: circuit types, design methodologies, equations and techniques.

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02 October 2017 | Miguel Fernandez | Avnet EMEA

Too good to be true - the cost of counterfeit electronics and how to avoid them

The issue of counterfeit electronic components is one that has troubles the electronics industry - using them can have some major issues, everything from being removed from a preferred suppliers list to a reduction in quality.

Too good to be true - the cost of counterfeit electronics and how to avoid them news from

Online - Transmission Lines, S-Parameters & Smith Chart
Understand these essential concepts without complex mathematics

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Bringing the Internet of Things to Life
Silicon Labs looks at the fact that industry experts predict that the number of connected devices for the Internet of Things (IoT) will surpass 15 billion nodes by 2015 and reach over 50 billion by 2020. Learn how to overcome the challenges of connecting intelligent nodes to the Internet of Things.

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