ESA: Space Passive Component Days’

12 Oct - 14 Oct 2016
ESA/ESTEC Noordwijk, The Netherlands

The European Space Agency (ESA has announced its second SPCD (Space Passive Component Days, to be held at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, from 12-14th October 2016. At this time, industry specialists are encouraged to submit relevant paper abstracts (closing deadline 18th March 2016).

Passive components are a major concern for space applications, since they represent more than 80% of the electronic parts used on spacecraft. In recent years, the development of passive components for use in space has been driven by reliability, performances, functionality, mass and volume saving and cost reduction.

The SPCD international Symposium is the premier European technical conference dedicated to passive components for space applications. It is an exceptional opportunity to learn more about the latest advances in this field and to meet recognized experts from industry, academia and agencies. The aim of the SPCD symposium is to support the European passive components community by promoting the discussion of recent developments and trends, and to encourage the exchange of technical expertise, knowledge and co-operation covering a broad range of EEE passive components.

"The first SPCD was the real success with more than 250 attendees and we invite the industry to join us and make the second event even better”, said Denis Lacombe, Component Engineer from the Component Technology section of ESA

ESA SPCD comittee in partnership with European Passive Components Institute ( is also supporting preparation of a database of European passive component manufacturers, test houses and universities passive components research programs and an on-line handbook of passive components - e-PassiveBook

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Date 12 Oct - 14 Oct 2016
Location ESA/ESTEC Noordwijk, The Netherlands
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