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Radio Receiver Technology: Principles, Architectures and Applications

Ralf Rudersdorfer

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Radio Receiver Technology: Principles, Architectures and Applications

As the name implies, this book provides a complete description of current radio receiver technology.

The book is aimed at providing a resource for professionals and students who are involved in the development, testing and use of radio receivers. It is a particularly interesting book and will be useful to anyone associated with radio receiver technology.

The book introduces the reader to the basic principles of radio receiver technology by first describing concepts of the various technologies involved and the way in which they can be applied differently for different applications.

Details of the circuitry are provided to enable the reader to understand the basic concepts behind both analogue and digital approaches to receivers. The remaining sections address radio receivers, particularly as two–port devices. Furthermore, the author outlines the fields of applications and their features (with sample calculations and with reference to practical work), and considers the speciality of high–quality radio receivers.

As can be seen from the multitude of terrestrial applications described in Part II, they are typically used for radio surveillance, signal intelligence, modern radio bearing and classical radio services.

Parts III and IV describe the entire range of parameters that are useful for the characterization of these receivers. The description starts from the physical effect, or the explanation of the individual parameter, and then proceeds to the measuring technique for determining the parameters, highlighting problems, followed by explanatory notes with applicatory relevance. Everything from signal to noise ratio to noise figure, dynamic range and a whole host of other parameters are described along with the ways in which they are tested.

The measurement techniques described are described in detail as a result of the first-hand experience of the author. This book provides not only the theory required for the concepts but also gives a lot of first hand guidance on the practical aspects as well.

An Appendix is included and this provides valuable information about the dimensions of receiving systems and the mathematical derivation of effects. The book also includes a useful method for converting different level specifications.

Book details:

Cover: Hardcover 320 pages
Publisher: Wiley Blackwell
Publication: 7 Feb 2014
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1118503201
ISBN-13: 978-1118503201
Book Dimensions: 24.6 x 17.5 x 2.3 cm

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