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The Art of Electronics

Paul Horowitz & Winfield Hill

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The Art of Electronics

Now in Kindle, this is the classic electronics book. The Art of Electronics has to way ahead of almost everything else in terms of breadth, clear explanations and just being useful.

The book has been the bible for many electronics engineers for many years. Even though the original was written many years ago, it is still as relevant as ever for today’s electronics design engineer. It sold over 125 000 copies and translated into eight languages - what must be a record for a technical book.

The book had a really down to earth informality about it. It got to the point in an understandable way without unnecessary mathematics - an ideal approach for the real practising engineer or student. It provided a real grasp of the subject, enabling the reader to go away and design and sue a circuit.

So to see that The Art of Electronics is now released on Kindle in its thoroughly revised and updated second edition is very exciting.

The paper version of the book was very thick: packed absolutely full of everything the analogue circuit designer needed. Now in its Kindle form, the book is now in a more up to data format.

The new Art of Electronics retains the feeling of informality and easy access that helped make the first edition so successful and popular. It is an ideal first textbook on electronics for scientists and engineers and an indispensable reference for anyone, professional or amateur, who works with electronic circuits.

The paper book contains over 1100 pages, there are 15 chapters and 11 appendices all with useful information and tables. The main body of The Art of Electronics covers everything from fundamentals through transistors, to feedback and operational amplifiers, voltage regulators, precision & low noise techniques to digital electronics, analogue / digital interface to microprocessors, high frequency circuits . . the list goes on.

This book has been relied upon for many years by many engineers and there is really nothing else like it around.

'Full of clever circuits and sharp insights, but with a surprising minimum of mathematics ... The depth is genuine, as is the richness of examples, data and apt tricks.' Scientific American

'Another electronics textbook that became an international best-seller ... the book is renowned for presenting the techniques that circuit designers actually use.' IEEE Spectrum

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